It all starts with high quality females! Blossom Ridge Ranch strives to produce females with great temperament, color, conformation and above all else milk production and mothering ability to produce the largest calves at weaning. See for yourself, you’ll love our females…

Oreo 142
DOB: 4/11/2002
(Moses 77/6 X Cookies-N-Cream)
MT Lady Luck 303
(Miller Time X Honeysuckle147)
GG’s Pearls’ Empress
DOB: 5/8/2007
(M Arrow Blue Empress X M Arrow Cheyenne)
LAR Lucky Heart 14:09
DOB: 10/19/2009
(Hunts Mr Respect X JP Lucky Valentine)
Queen of Hearts
DOB: 6/15/2010
(Working Man Chex X C9 Special Heart)
Joy Springs Penny
DOB: 7/17/2010
(Lynyrd X Kassidy 6/16)
Joy Springs Dixie
DOB: 7/20/2010
DL Suspicious
DOB: 11/9/2011
(Sarcee Sundance Kid X G&L Sophistication)
BRR Pistol Peach
DOB: 5/13/2012
(TNT Whelming Wild West X M Arrow Mr Cool)
DL Cayenne
DOB: 7/12/2013
(Drag Iron X G&L Nekkid N’ Nice)
BRR. Bella Banda June Bug
DOB: 3/5/2014
(Juma X BRR Bella Banda)

Red Texas Mirage
DOB: 5/2/2014
(Bullnanza Time X Red October 1/2)
JP Tejas Angelface
DOB: 5/16/2014
(Texas Star X Rodeo Queen 4428)

BRR Dixie Valentine
DOB: 5/25/2014
(AJY Valentino X Joy Springs Dixie)
BRR So Fancy
DOB: 3/23/2014
(AJY Valentino X Joy Springs Penny)
TTT Southern Drawl
(Winchester 465/9 X CB Silver Bells)
BRR Heart of Dixie
DOB: 3/10/2015
(AJY Valentino X Joy Springs Dixie)
BRR Just Peachy
DOB: 6/15/2015
(AJY ValentinoX BRR Pistol Peach)
LC Ruby Spurs
DOB: 9/18/2015
(Spur Texa X M Arrow Ruby Slippers)
BRR Boo! I Got You!
DOB: 10/31/2015
(AJY Valentino X DL Suspicious)
BRR Nori’s Esmeralda
(Joy Springs Scarlet X SCC Norigard)
DOB: 4/17/2015
BRR Wing’s First Pearl
DOB: 4/23/2016
(VL Quantum Wings X Pearl’s Ruby)
SCC Clear Haley
DOB: 5/6/2016
(SCC Clear Thunder X Hunts HCR Senago Matilda)
DOB: 7/1/2016
(Smokin’ Similar KC3 X MTR Paloma Rising)
585 HotShotBabs
DOB: 9/24/2016
(M Respected Warrior X Helm Hot Lady)
Sweetwater Cassie BCB
(Riverboat Casino X Sweetwater BCB)
JM Saving Grace
(Helm Valiant Gold X TB Queen Nell)
BRR Paisley Wyn
DOB: 3/10/ 2017
(GG’s Pearls’ Empress X VL Quantum Wings)
BRR Dixie Delight
DOB: 2/4/2018
(VL Quantum Wings X BRRHeartofDixie)
BRR Red Rose
(LAR Lucky Heart 14:09 X MMW Gorilla)
BRR Quantum Peach
DOB: 4/21/2018
(VL Quantum Wings X BRR PistolPeach)
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