Blossom Ridge Ranch’s breeding program strives to provide excellent quality calves that will bring you enjoyment in the pasture or show ring. Our calves will be ready for your pasture at weaning (approximately 205 days from birth) – go ahead claim yours today.


Steer Calf – $600
DOB: 3/29/2020
(BRR HeartofDixie X VLQuantum Wings)
Steer Calf – $600
DOB: 5/5/2020
(Oreo X VL Quantum Wings)
Steer Calf – $600
DOB: 5/8/2020
(BRR Quantum Peach X BRR Norigard II)
Bull Calf – $500
DOB: 12/23/2020
(BRR Dixie Valentine X Sweet Chex 783)
Bull Calf
DOB: 12/26/2020
(Ruby Spurs X Sweet Chex 783)
Bull Calf – $500
DOB: 1/3/2021
(BRR Boo I Got You! X VL Quantum Wings)
Bull Calf – $500
DOB: 2/1/2021
(BRR Pistol Peach X Sweet Chex 783)
Bull Calf
DOB: 2/6/2021
( X )


BRR Oh My Lana
DOB: 9/17/2019
(DL Cayenne X JTW Jay R 2)
BRR – Heifer Calf
DOB: 2/4/2020
(Queen of Hearts X Sweet Chex 783)
BRR Lilly
DOB: 4/7/2020
(BRR Red Rose X BRR Norigard II)
Heifer Calf
(585 HotShot Babs X Sweet Chex 783)
Heifer Calf
DOB: 10/21/2020
( BRR Just Peachy X VL Quantum Wings )
Heifer Calf
DOB: 11/1/2020
( SCC Clear Haley X Sweet Chex 783 )
Heifer Calf
DOB: 12/17/2020
(BRR Nori’s Sarah X VL Quantum Wings)
Heifer Calf
DOB: 12/8/2020
(BRR Wings 1st Pearl X Sweet Chex 783)
BRR Sweet Dot
DOB: 1/17/2021
(BRR Rising Smoke Palamo X Sweet Chex 783)
BRR Aphrodite Rhea
DOB: 1/28/2021
(Red Texas Mirage X Sweet Chex 783)

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