14241479_1101909066551428_3678810348157262897_oNestled in East Texas, Blossom Ridge Ranch has deep roots just like the massive oak trees. So deep – we retain the lamb skin deed from the State of Texas. BRR has seen changes throughout the times from plantation farming to cattle. When the drought struck around 2009 the ranch sold out of their commercial cattle herd.

Our story of Longhorns began when the late Dr. Timothy Rodham sold us a lot of 3 heifers in 2010 for Haley to exhibit in the youth shows. From there – the story is history.  History? Yes, it’s a known fact in the Longhorn industry – you can’t just have a few because they are very addicting.

Currently the ranch is under the operation of Troy Calhoun, Jacob and Amy Weatherholtz.

Blossom Ridge Ranch are proud members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association, the East Texas Longhorn Association and the Texas Longhorn Breeders Gulf Coast Association. 

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