Raunchy Bean Soup

We have never experienced such historic cold temperatures, snow on the ground this long and people continuing to lose electricity, water, pantry supplies are getting low, etc. Those essentials we seem to take for granted on a daily basis – we pray for everyone’s survival and if we can help – please let us know.

In fact, I made this recipe today in preparation if we lose power, I can throw a serving in the cast iron skillet and heat it up in the fireplace. At this time we would like to share our “Raunchy Bean Soup” recipe.

1 pound beef (we prefer our BRR grass-fed Longhorn Beef)
3 cans of Ranch Style Beans
1 can of Rotel tomatoes

Optional Toppings:

The How-To:

Ground the beef, I choose to use a cast-iron skillet. And using our lean beef there’s never any grease to drain off. Open the cans and only drain the Rotel. Then there’s two heating options you can choose – crockpot on low for several hours (the style I did today) or stove top (don’t forget to stir or your beans may scorch on the bottom).
You want to mix all the ingredients up and heat to a desired temperature. Once that desired temperature is reached, serve and add your additional toppings. (Another reason I like the crockpot, is it tends to merry the flavors together a little bit more. But hey, it all depends on the time and I’ve done it both ways and it’s just fine.) It also serves well with corn bread.

To purchase BRR grass-fed longhorn beef, please contact us at blossomridgeranch@gmail.com or call/text 903-681-0353.

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