VL Quantum Wings

Hi there! Thanks for taking a minute to stop by our Blog section. From time to time we like to feature our cattle and tell a little bit of what’s going on around Blossom Ridge Ranch.

We would like to introduce you to our current herd sire VL Quantum Wings. 


VL Quantum Wings came to Blossom Ridge Ranch at weaning age, he was purchased in a lot of 4 potential trophy steers – he was spared his manhood with his fantastic disposition, frame and horn base… Our middle kiddo, Savanah exhibited him on the show circuit winning several 1st place awards.

His Parents:


His Offspring: This is what we are most proud and excited about…. his offspring. He is throwing a wide variety of color, and putting more hip and depth of body on all of his offspring.


He is not AI’d certified, but we do offer and guarantee natural breeding services. If your interested please contact us at blossomridgeranch@gmail.com or 903-681-0353.


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